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Unclaimed Prizes!!!

Posted by Glocker Realty & Insurance on Jan 20, 2022 in News

As most of you know we sponsored the 12 days of christmas giveaways in December and we STILL have unclaimed prizes!  PLEASE look over this and if you spot your name, stop in our office M-F 9am-5pm to claim your prize.  All left over winners have until Friday January 28th to claim their prize!!


Todd Walker - winery

Mary Rowak - carwash pass and eye glass care kit

Stephanie Gonzalez - Suzie Q's

George Leinban - Suzie Q's

Karen Pumo - Suzie Q's

Monica Sharp - Suzie Q's

Lauren Rodgers - Coventry Parlor

Shannon Augido - Coventry Parlor

Madeline Goldpaint - Coventry Parlor

Judy Roth - Coventry Parlor

Hilary SHellmire - Coventry Parlor

Mandy Witherow - Coventry Parlor

Debbie Krepps - eye glass care kit

Ashley Hoffman - $50 visa card

Tina Moyer - $50 visa card

Sanda Cochran - $50 visa card

Beverly Kline - $15 wawa card

Pat Claus - semper pie

Lori Mellon - semper pie

Cindy Zamichelli - semper pie

Stephanie Walker - car wash

Colleen Dale - car wash

Tonette Pace - car wash

Cindy Fry - car wash

Clair Lynn - candle

SHaron Sova - candle

Sue Clauser - candle